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Happy Spring! - Events By The Glass

It’s time to celebrate wine and vines across the globe!

In the northern hemisphere, vines are starting bud break.  It’s a critical time for the vines, and weather hazards such as frost and cold temperatures can damage the tender buds from developing.  The buds ultimately become the vine canopy and grape clusters of the vines.

In the southern hemisphere, harvest has concluded, and it’s been an interesting season.  New Zealand was hit with heavy rains during harvest.  There were devastating fires that ravaged the south of Chile, and drought and high temperatures plagued Australia and South Africa. The wines are fermenting now and we’ll know in a few months what the final results are.

We spent a week in Napa in late March just as bud break was happening. While walking through the awaking vines, it was a great reminder of how, at the end of the growing cycle, wine is a product of our work in the vineyard, and it is indeed a natural agricultural product.  Great wine comes from great grapes!

Upcoming Events

Happy Spring! - Events By The Glass
Happy Spring! - Events By The Glass

We continue with our Wine Education Happy Hours through mid-June.  We’ll take a summer recess and resume classes in August.  Our in-home tastings, private events, and corporate classes continue year-round, just reach out to us to schedule a special event! In addition to travel we’ll be working on our new location as well as solidifying the wine school for WSET certifications.  Speaking of travel, many have asked about wine related tours.  A friend has curated an amazing trip through the Basque country of Spain in early September (9/4-13) It’s an epicurean tour featuring cooking classes, tours of vineyards in Rioja, and a much more.  Registration ends soon and details can be found at . The tours are limited to 10 people, and I believe there are just a few spaces remaining.  I hope you’ll join us.  It will be a GREAT tour!

Happy Spring! - Events By The Glass

Register for our upcoming classes on Eventbrite (search for Events By The Glass):

Thank you for your continued support!  We look forward to seeing you in an upcoming class!